About the Cubs

Joe DiCanio with a dive

The Midwest Suburban League Cubs were established in 2001 by CJ Bergdahl, starting what is now considered a perennial force to be reckoned with in one of the most competitive amateur baseball leagues in the country. With 8 playoff appearances, 4 division championships, and one AA championship, the Cubs have established themselves as a top team in the highest level (AAA) of the league.

The Cubs are looking ahead to 2019 under the guidance of player-coach Eric Whobrey, who starts his 8th season with the Cubs (6th as coach). For additional information or questions on how to become a part of the team, Eric can be reached here.

Cubs History
2017 National League Wild Card
2016 National League Wild Card
2014 National League Wild Card
2012 AAA National League Runner Up
2010 AA American League Champions
2009 Central South Division Title
2006 Central North Division Title
2002 Central West Division Title

The Cubs are entering their 19th season in the MSL and are currently looking to fill roster spots with quality, committed ball players for the 2019 season. If you are interested, please contact Eric Whobrey at mslcubs@gmail.com or 309-838-6852.


How do you handle playing time?

As far as playing time goes, I don’t plan to approach it much differently from what CJ did in years past. It has worked in a way that I’ve found makes everyone happy. As of right now, I’m looking to keep a 17-18 man roster. The most I’ve ever had is 19 and in the earlier years, I never had more than 15 which, if you have committed guys, are very easy to manage on a game to game basis.

I understand that we pay to play in this league, so I will almost never have a guy not play the whole game. For the most part, if you show up, you’re going to play at least half the game. I also understand that we have a lot of talent on this team and I always play to win. On a 19 man roster you’re going to have an average of 11-13 guys at each game - sometimes more, sometimes less. I am going to do my best to put the best line up out there both offensively and defensively every game. Although I try to give us the best chance to win each game, I give everyone the opportunity to perform. You’ll also see that I keep a very honest and tight book and update the stats on the website soon after every game. Although I believe that stats are not everything, I certainly know that numbers don’t lie. I also do rankings each week based on overall performance. Again, everyone will have the opportunity to perform. I encourage you to take advantage of those opportunities.


How many games am I expected to attend?

You are busy in the summers, and I by no means expect everyone to show up for every game. That's why we keep a roster of 17-19 full-time players. I generally expect 10-15 guys to show up each game, and historically we have about 75% attendance throughout the season. That means, realistically, I expect the average guy to show up for 16-17 games a year. That gives you 5-6 weekends off during the summer, which is very manageable.

That being said - there are some guys that are there every weekend, or almost every weekend, and I fully support that as well. It's better to have too many guys than not enough to field a team, and I do my best to get everyone involved.


How much does playing for the MSL Cubs cost?

There are multiple expenses when playing for the Cubs - you have league dues, practices, uniforms, gear, gas to drive to games, among other unforseen expenses that come up throughout the year. Over the years, CJ worked very hard to determine the fairest price to spread across the team to make it affordable, while covering the expenses throughout the year. We like to be as transparent as possible about costs, and remain as flexible about payments as is humanly possible. You can pay in small increments, or you can pay all at once - it is up to you and your financial situation. At no point have I turned someone away due to the cost of playing for this team. Here is the average cost breakdown: 

Dues = 365.00 per player (as of 2018)
Jerseys (one for Home, one for Away) = $120 - $150 (depending on when you buy them)
Jersey lettering = $50 - $90 (depending on length of name)
Pants (one pair for Home, one pair for Away) = $30 - $140
Practices = $10 - $60

For a player's first year, total expenses for the year generally add up to somewhere between $550 - $700 for the entire year. That's about $25-$30 a game to play very competitiive amateur baseball. In my opinion, that's an amazing deal for the level of play we get every game. After your first year, that cost lowers to about $20 a game (since you have your uniform from the year before). 

For those who are concerned with cost, I work extremely hard to make this 100% accessible, regardless of your financial situation. I will work with you to put together a payment plan that will get you on the field without breaking the bank.