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Mike Roche

Positions: P, OF

Years played: 1

If you aren't laughing and hugging and tickling when Mike Roche is around, then you are doing something wrong. A long-time supporter of the Cubs controversial new manager, Roche hails from Northwestern University, where he spent his years with the Wildcats perfecting the art of coaching first base. His high-pitched voice became known around the league, and often made the opposition wonder when he would finally reach puberty.

On his off days, he is a goofy southpaw pitcher whom Buster Olney has repeatedly likened to a young Randy Johnson [citation needed]. Mike is an avid One Tree Hill fan, though he thinks they jumped the shark once Peyton and Lucas left after season 6. His DVR is filled with every episode of Batman: The Animated Series and he always carries around garlic because, "you can never be sure who is or isn't a vampire." He is ticklish. Perhaps violently so. On weekends Mike paints along with DVDs of Bob Ross's "The Joy Of Painting," but has yet to make the canvas come alive the way the late Mr. Ross does.

Team Sportsmanship Award - 2012